Reflections on the Election

The election is over, finally.

I’m not rejoicing. There would have been no outcome this election that I would be celebrating. As it stands I am grieved that a man with such disregard for human value was the best we came up with, but I’m not surprised.

If we can agree on one thing in reflection on this past year, it is that humanity is corrupt. We are abnormal, not what we are meant to be. Evil exists in this world because it exists within us: in our greed, apathy, racism, sexism, nationalism; in our deaf ears to the plight of the refugee and the unborn. We are cruel and our cruelty bleeds into the world. We hurt with it, we feel it, and we try to piece ourselves together but we wind up more like Frankenstein’s monster, as our solutions leave us worse off than before. We reach in hope, only to have it dashed. But, though we are cruel and broken, and we cannot piece ourselves together, the one who made us can. We know humanity isn’t as it should be, and it is only the God that made us for goodness who can bring us back to it.

Despite the outcome of this election, our work dear Christians, is the same. It is the same work we’ve been called to for centuries: hard work, passionate work, work made possible only through perfect blood shed for us. Our work stands before us, to show the world who God is, and what he has done for us. We know humanity is broken, and we know the only way of fixing it is through the One who bled over our corruption and rose again in triumph over it.

Regardless of who sits in the White House today, or any other day, we still

Welcome and love the refugees

Feed and clothe the needy

Rescue those being led to slaughter

Comfort the weary and suffering

Speak truth and dispel the wicked lies of racial superiority

Love our neighbors within our country’s boundary and without

And we do all of these things because we are filled with the love of our God who let himself be whipped, mocked, and pierced for us, who was abandoned for us, who died for us, and who offers new life with a promise that one day, our cruelty will be completely undone. We do all this work so that we can show in both our words and actions that Jesus Christ is humanity’s only hope.

The Christian should be in the front line, fighting the results of man’s cruelty, for we know that is not what God has made.
-Francis Schaeffer

So, dear Christians, let’s get to work.

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