Dear Death,

Recently our family lost our infant niece. We’re grieving in our home, and seeking to put our own anxieties of the future to rest, but perhaps what is the most challenging, is knowing that the grief we feel, the tears we’ve cried, and the lingering sorrow, are but a drop of the ocean of sorrow and anxieties her parents know. I know no other way to deal with such a tragedy befalling people I love than to weep with them, to rage at the curse of death, and to rest in the God who dove into its depths on our behalf.

Death, I hate you
You are cruel,

Death, I fear you
For you are thieving,

And I keep saying:
Death shall have no victory
Death shall have no victory
But it feels as though you’re winning

And I hear the refrain:
Death, where is your sting?
But I know where to find it:
in the heart that constricts til it may
in the bones that feel ready to

But God, you know this
don’t you?
After all
you wept
you grieved
you died

And you keep saying:
wait for me
trust me
wait for me

So I will


  1. Angela Born · · Reply

    Beautiful use of words to express emotions that at times have no words.

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    1. Thank you, Angela


  2. Lesa Ashley · · Reply

    So well written… it came straight from your heart. Prayers for all your family.

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  3. So sorry for this terrible loss. My deepest condolences for you and your family. Death will come to us all it just came too soon for this sweet family.


  4. A chest cushing , breathtaking sorrow
    the tightness at times brought me so close to my own metciful end
    Death the thief
    the changer
    a confusion that was as a net of iron and stone thrown over me, paralyzing my mind

    take me instead


  5. My condolences.

    “The last enemy to be defeated is death.” (1 Corinthians 15:26)

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