i’ve quoted Dietrich Bonhoeffer a number of times here, I featured some of his work during my advent series, and I can’t help but revisit him yet again. His words ring so clear as Christmas approaches, and his grasp of truth is timeless. We have selected from the Christmas story only the pleasant bits, forgetting […]


I recently had a very large tattoo forever imprinted in my skin.  A few people have asked what it means. It’s a lengthy story, five years in the making, but it begins here: 5 years and some odd months ago I visited a small village full of beautiful, hurting children. Wary of us at first, they […]


My two-year-old loves to have theological discourse during potty breaks. We were having one of our usual discussions when he mentioned to me how Nemo (Disney Pixar’s Finding Nemo) didn’t obey his dad, Marlin, because he touched the “butt” (the fish word for “boat”) when his dad told him not to. Which gave me a perfect […]


Wanderlust is such a popular term, such a glorified thing. I guess it shouldn’t be a surprise when lusts of every kind are praised in our culture; be it materialism, sexual lust, gluttony or wanderlust, lust is a god our culture worships in throngs. Recently I have heard the term Wanderlust used so often; with books […]


Advent is here. And this time of year is busy, so busy, and it’s so easy to miss the “why”. It’s so easy to bustle and rush and stress and buy and give and forget. But we can’t; we can’t skim over the infant lying quietly amid cows and sheep. We can’t miss the God […]


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