The Charleston Massacre victims haven’t yet been buried, and already the buzz of social media has lulled. Most will simply move on after hearing the shocking headline, forgetting it as quickly as their own faces upon turning from the mirror. Few of us will mention again the slaughter of nine unique and precious lives at the hands of a […]


Don’t be afraid Don’t be afraid Don’t be afraid I threw planets into orbit I filled air and sea And I fashioned you Don’t be afraid Don’t be afraid Don’t be afraid I led you out of slavery I fed you in the desert And I brought holiness to you Don’t be afraid Don’t be […]


My last post caused a lot of ruffled feathers. I wasn’t prepared for such criticism. I’ve always taken things very personally, my brothers would call me “oversensitive” in fact, and when I was blasted with comments that actually attacked me as a person it spun me a little. Then my littlest ended up in urgent care […]


It seems like the internet is blowing up. The recent news surrounding Bruce/Caitlyn Jenner has led to a frenzy of social media sharing, insensitive jokes, and heated debates. I’ve tried to steer clear of it. To begin with, what happens with celebrities has ceased to shock me, and it doesn’t really interest me at all. Jenner […]


In my final year of undergrad the presidential elections were central to many heated debates among my peers. I remember having several discussions with a variety of my classmates and often being surprised with how many approached voting (and naturally, their lives) as pragmatists. Many argued they were willing to vote for a Pro-Choice presidential […]


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