Wake up you sleepy nation Skulls are being crushed Your children’s screams catch in their throats Restrain¬†yourself wicked nation Your great-grandchildren will be appalled by you If you will allow them breath They will look at you with those eyes Those eyes you claim have no soul They will haunt you And those who narrowly […]


There has been enough in recent news for Americans to finally admit that being American is not synonymous with being a Christian, and in fact much of what we identify as the “American Dream”and the collective American identity may in fact be in direct contrast to what Christ demands of his followers. For much of […]


The recent Planned Parenthood videos that have surfaced have brought the abortion debate to the nation’s attention once again. The corruption within Planned Parenthood seems almost a farce, to see Dr. Mary Gatter, a Planned Parenthood medical director, haggle over the prices of aborted babies’ body parts while joking about wanting a Lamborghini seems too […]


Here is the world. Beautiful and terrible things will happen. -Fredrick Buechner The current events that have been flooding my news feeds have been like a landslide of grief. I’ve felt as though the pile-on of sorrow, wickedness, and hypocrisy have been so persistent I can’t breathe.¬†I’ve been struggling with what to write next, how […]


Atrocious deeds should never be called by gentle names. -Hannah More Hannah More was an abolitionist, one of few voices who revealed the horrific reality of the slave trade. Her writing, along with the work of her friend William Wilberforce, helped changed social resolve finally ending the practice of slavery in England. Euphemisms are one […]


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