If you’ve been anywhere near the internet recently you have heard all about the videos circulating that condemn Planned Parenthood and their (now admitted) practice of altering abortion procedures to procure fetal tissue and “donating” (a debatable position)┬áit for biomedical research. You may not have watched the videos for yourself (which I urge you to […]


Following the Charleston shootings many conservative Christians repented of their lack of action in addressing the issues of white supremacy in America, and they got behind the take-down of the confederate flag on government buildings. They admitted that they had allowed racism to become a party issue instead of recognizing it as a human issue. […]


There is a quietness in the morning, before sleepy voices greet me, where I have the opportunity in the stillness to dwell on hope. As little feet scurry down I breathe a moment and pray for these little boys in my care, I pray for the men they will, by God’s grace, become; and I […]


A fifth video dropped today, revealing more of the corruption in Planned Parenthood that goes on funded by our government and supported by many of our citizens. And if you still feel the need to defend this, for whatever reason, can I plead with you to see that your own soul withers with the weight […]


The political aspect of the abortion debate is certainly an important one, and if you have not yet contacted your politicians regarding investigating and stopping federal funding of Planned Parenthood, do that now. And if you are not yet convinced that being Pro-life is an issue that should be important to both parties, watch the videos, […]


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