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“Why”? I hear that a lot now with an almost three-year-old at my side. I remember hearing it a lot in college too. Agnosticism was popular among my peers, and it certainly seemed comfortable. But as my chatty three-year-old has taught me, there are two ways to ask “Why”? One is out of genuine curiosity, […]


It’s funny how easy it is to mistake the magnificent for mundane. How easily I shrug off the cosmos as ordinary because I choose to look down and feel important, rather than looking up and feeling very, very small. The other night I took our garbage out, and instead of rushing inside away from the […]

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James Moes

Valentine’s Day is this weekend, and while I actually¬†kind of hate the Hallmark holiday of “love” (because Saint Valentine was a martyr and that seems like a weird thing to relate to flowers and chocolates), I felt the need to write a bit on the subject, mostly because the movie “Fifty Shades of Grey” is […]


Some days I miss college. I miss affirmation and the proud look a professor gives when you provide an answer of which they approve. I miss a letter or number grade that tells me I’m succeeding and accomplishing something. And I miss the simplicity of my decisions only affecting my future in academics. Motherhood comes […]

Spring Break 092

Frederick Buechner was assigned to me in a college class years back, and admittedly I let his book sit on my shelf, mostly because I didn’t like the professor who assigned it and assumed it would be yet another book that would propagate the ideas he held that I found so insulting. I was very […]


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