The abortion debate is tired. Most have heard the arguments countless times, and it has become such a political hot button that few people really approach the conversation with love and respect for those with whom they engage. We seem to forget we are talking to people about people. I’d like to take a step back […]


I do love Kierkegaard…he’s worth picking up if you haven’t already. Yes, when late autumn comes, even the flower can speak the wisdom of the years and say with truthfulness, “All has its time, there is ‘a time to be born and a time to die’; there is a time to jest lightheartedly in the […]


I’m back. After nearly a year of being silent on this blog of mine, I’m returning. Pregnancy with a toddler was exhausting, so writing, or anything besides sleeping, was not high on my list of to dos. And then, of course, I had a baby so writing really wasn’t a priority. But sleep is slowly […]


Before we revisit the topic of abortion let me interject, and remind you and myself why we should care in the first place. Why is it worth our time and energies to speak on a topic that is so volitile? Let me begin at the beginning: Let’s assume (and save the ontological arguments for another […]


I’ve taken a bit of a hiatus lately. Not intentionally, but because the newest little addition of our family has made me desire more sleep and less writing. Thankfully as the second trimester shines in the distance I am beginning to feel human again (and by that I mean awake) and the itch to write […]


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