Dylan Thomas is quickly becoming favorite poet, and there is good reason this is one of his most popular poems. Sometimes it takes a poet to breathe fresh life into something we already know. And it seems so perfect to read this on a frosty morning, enjoy: And death shall have no dominion. Dead men […]


Since being married we have moved often enough to make it tiresome. And in my short life thus far I have loved far too many people who are stretched across this globe. I hate moving, for so many reasons, but aside from all the packing and unpacking, calling utility companies, and finding new running routes, […]


The Puritans certainly had their flaws; but they did have a splendid picture of God’s glory and the subsequent joy of looking to him. Leave it to them to make beautiful, theologically-rich poetry. This is my heaven on earth, But I need the force, energy, impulses of thy Spirit to carry me on the way […]

Egypt! 561

The Church, we treat her with such disdain. My generation may be the most critical of her yet. My generation, who claims open-mindedness and tolerance, is perhaps the most intolerant and insolent group when it comes to The Church. I include myself in that description, because I too have found myself quick to find fault […]


I received my ballot in the mail and felt that usual Election Day weight of dread. I hate politics, but voting is a privilege I don’t want to squander, so, I researched the candidates and measures and put my pen to paper. And Dylan Thomas’ words rang impossibly clear. Firstly, because I am thankful we […]


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