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Mothers, Look and You Will Find Secret Treasure

Motherhood in the little years, it seems to me, is something easily taken for granted. Something we secretly hope ends quickly, and we cover an eye roll when people tell us we will miss these years, that we will wonder where they went. We should listen more closely and reverently to those who warn us. […]

Love and the World Within

We don’t understand love. We think we do, we think it is this nebulous thing that drifts between us and makes us happy and warm. Something that makes us feel like we belong, that makes our hearts stop hurting. Something that takes away our loneliness and says, you’re okay, you’re good.  But I think perhaps our […]

Don’t Grow Weary

My last post caused a lot of ruffled feathers. I wasn’t prepared for such criticism. I’ve always taken things very personally, my brothers would call me “oversensitive” in fact, and when I was blasted with comments that actually attacked me as a person it spun me a little. Then my littlest ended up in urgent care […]

Of Mousy Books and Transcendent Fate

Reader, you must know that an interesting fate (sometimes involving rats, sometimes not) awaits almost everyone, mouse or man, who does not conform. –The Tale of Despereaux, By Kate DiCamillo My son and I have recently started reading chapter books together (which incidentally might be one of the most wonderful things in my life; there […]

Garbage and the Cosmos

It’s funny how easy it is to mistake the magnificent for mundane. How easily I shrug off the cosmos as ordinary because I choose to look down and feel important, rather than looking up and feeling very, very small. The other night I took our garbage out, and instead of rushing inside away from the […]