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Can We Know Jesus Without the Church?

I have a terrible habit of interrupting people. We’re part of a small group through our church that meets once a week, and I often get carried away and inevitably fail to remind myself not to speak over someone. It’s a selfish and prideful habit, stemming from thinking too highly of myself, as though what […]

The Lion We Cannot Tame

There’s a new book out that you shouldn’t read. Normally I wouldn’t waste my time advising not to read a book, but this particular author has had significant influence. Time magazine named him one of the 100 most influential people in the world back in 2011. Rob Bell has become infamous within many Christian circles, yet his books have […]

American “Christianity” is Not Enough

There has been enough in recent news for Americans to finally admit that being American is not synonymous with being a Christian, and in fact much of what we identify as the “American Dream”and the collective American identity may in fact be in direct contrast to what Christ demands of his followers. For much of […]

The SCOTUS Ruling Ought to Incite Christians to Love Fiercely

The SCOTUS decision to legalize gay marriage has left a wake that has churned up a host of emotions, ranging from ecstasy to  fear. But the emotion I am most burdened by is one I have been wary of, in general, for some time: Apathy. Too many of us approach the world as though it is a […]

Don’t Grow Weary

My last post caused a lot of ruffled feathers. I wasn’t prepared for such criticism. I’ve always taken things very personally, my brothers would call me “oversensitive” in fact, and when I was blasted with comments that actually attacked me as a person it spun me a little. Then my littlest ended up in urgent care […]