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Take Courage, Dear Heart

Don’t be afraid Don’t be afraid Don’t be afraid I threw planets into orbit I filled air and sea And I fashioned you Don’t be afraid Don’t be afraid Don’t be afraid I led you out of slavery I fed you in the desert And I brought holiness to you Don’t be afraid Don’t be […]

Earthquakes, Riots, Racial Tension, Injustice, and Motherhood

My heart has been heavily burdened in the wake of the flood of headlines that reveal a world broken and groaning for redemption. With the devastating earthquake in Nepal, the unrest of the Middle East, the failure of the American government to protect the unborn, the confusion and racial tension popping up in various American […]

Black Ink and the Leading Light

I recently had a very large tattoo forever imprinted in my skin. ¬†A few people have asked what it means. It’s a lengthy story, five years in the making, but it begins here: 5 years and some odd months ago I visited a small village full of beautiful,¬†hurting children. Wary of us at first, they […]