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In Between: A Poem

Betweenhead and heartnot yet and nowdead and alivefear and hopetomb and stone A day. Yesterday: it is finishedTomorrow:just as he said,why seek the livingamong the dead?

Easter is Kind of a Big Deal

Holiday celebrations are one of my favorite parts of being a parent. With our sons getting older we get to set the tone for each holiday, choosing our traditions, and teaching our boys how to celebrate with feasting, giving, and all-out joy. In December we spent a month in preparation for the celebration of Christmas. […]


It’s been one of those mornings with little voices rising early, and cranky. Where patience is tried and I’m found wanting. Where my words are too curt, and I see all too clearly the warning that what proceeds from the mouth comes from the heart. My heart wanders far from the grace I’ve been given, […]