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Black Ink and Living Water

I recently had my tattoo finished. It’s a full sleeve, which makes it pretty conspicuous and often sparks inquiries from people, like, “what does it mean?” Despite the depth of meaning that I’ve put into the sprawling design I often stutter over a quick answer to that question. I never really feel as if I […]

Slaying Leviathan

You know those days, or months, or long seasons of life that are just hard? Each moment feels exhausting, to choose to begin each day anew, perhaps starting out with a secret hope that today will be better, but it takes just a word or thought and instead it reaches the same climax of desperate […]

Value, Dignity and Death

My husband is entering his final year of medical school; suffering, death, illness, these are common topics of conversations for us. The reality of death and human suffering is one he meets daily, and it’s one I’ve been witness to again and again in my short life. Being human includes death, it’s unavoidable, and for many suffering […]

Mothers, We aren’t Good Enough

Some days I miss college. I miss affirmation and the proud look a professor gives when you provide an answer of which they approve. I miss a letter or number grade that tells me I’m succeeding and accomplishing something. And I miss the simplicity of my decisions only affecting my future in academics. Motherhood comes […]