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Buechner’s Bad News

Frederick Buechner was assigned to me in a college class years back, and admittedly I let his book sit on my shelf, mostly because I didn’t like the professor who assigned it and assumed it would be yet another book that would propagate the ideas he held that I found so insulting. I was very […]

Black Ink and the Leading Light

I recently had a very large tattoo forever imprinted in my skin.  A few people have asked what it means. It’s a lengthy story, five years in the making, but it begins here: 5 years and some odd months ago I visited a small village full of beautiful, hurting children. Wary of us at first, they […]

Finding Grace

My two-year-old loves to have theological discourse during potty breaks. We were having one of our usual discussions when he mentioned to me how Nemo (Disney Pixar’s Finding Nemo) didn’t obey his dad, Marlin, because he touched the “butt” (the fish word for “boat”) when his dad told him not to. Which gave me a perfect […]