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Easter is Kind of a Big Deal

Holiday celebrations are one of my favorite parts of being a parent. With our sons getting older we get to set the tone for each holiday, choosing our traditions, and teaching our boys how to celebrate with feasting, giving, and all-out joy. In December we spent a month in preparation for the celebration of Christmas. […]

Can We Know Jesus Without the Church?

I have a terrible habit of interrupting people. We’re part of a small group through our church that meets once a week, and I often get carried away and inevitably fail to remind myself not to speak over someone. It’s a selfish and prideful habit, stemming from thinking too highly of myself, as though what […]

Make Room

It is December 1st, a year has passed with groaning headlines, with triumph and failure, with peace and war, with love and wickedness. And after a year we come back to Advent again. We return to that stinking manger where the King was born. We stop amidst the chaos of the world and look again at […]

Mothers, We aren’t Good Enough

Some days I miss college. I miss affirmation and the proud look a professor gives when you provide an answer of which they approve. I miss a letter or number grade that tells me I’m succeeding and accomplishing something. And I miss the simplicity of my decisions only affecting my future in academics. Motherhood comes […]