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We have a shelf in our house designated for cobwebs. It’s a small windowsill in our kitchen where the afternoon sun shines through, turning the myriad of thin strings into a glittery display. It wasn’t me who first noticed their value, I had planned on dusting them away, but my hand was stopped by my […]

Yucky Thoughts and Secret Weakness

My three-year-old emerged this morning, with a deep scowl and bedhead, and announced, “I’ve been thinking about yucky things and now those yucky things are in my body.” He has a particular flair for the dramatic, but as usual, his articulation made me think. It’s been a harsh few weeks in my head.  My husband […]

The Deification of Doubt

I have a read a lot of modern Christian writers who paint the struggle of “doubt” as something positive, something inherent in spirituality, and something that should be accepted as a necessary component to a healthy Christian life. That’s a nice sentiment, I suppose. Except practically it’s a bit like offering a man dying of […]