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Easter is Kind of a Big Deal

Holiday celebrations are one of my favorite parts of being a parent. With our sons getting older we get to set the tone for each holiday, choosing our traditions, and teaching our boys how to celebrate with feasting, giving, and all-out joy. In December we spent a month in preparation for the celebration of Christmas. […]

Where is our [Christmas] Treasure?

Since our first son was born we’ve started thinking about what kind of traditions we want to have for our family, especially around the Christmas season. We’ve kept some from each of our families, and added some of our own, and overall we’ve wanted to set a certain tone for Christmas that will teach our […]

The Hope of the Morning

There is a quietness in the morning, before sleepy voices greet me, where I have the opportunity in the stillness to dwell on hope. As little feet scurry down I breathe a moment and pray for these little boys in my care, I pray for the men they will, by God’s grace, become; and I […]

Mothers, We aren’t Good Enough

Some days I miss college. I miss affirmation and the proud look a professor gives when you provide an answer of which they approve. I miss a letter or number grade that tells me I’m succeeding and accomplishing something. And I miss the simplicity of my decisions only affecting my future in academics. Motherhood comes […]

Finding Grace

My two-year-old loves to have theological discourse during potty breaks. We were having one of our usual discussions when he mentioned to me how Nemo (Disney Pixar’s Finding Nemo) didn’t obey his dad, Marlin, because he touched the “butt” (the fish word for “boat”) when his dad told him not to. Which gave me a perfect […]