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The Opportunism of Evil

Another mass murder headline, following many of its kind: a man, sparked by some ideology, despair, or too many memories of horror, settles his own score by inexplicable violence. In its wake there have been cries asking “why?” and before we even begin to answer our own questions a litany of discordant solutions tend to […]

All in the Waiting

But the faith and the love and the hope are all in the waiting. T.S. Eliot I believe our knowledge of history matters. Following the thread of humanity over time tends to illuminate our real nature doing away with our humanistic optimism. It’s disillusioning at first: recounting the wars, the vast errors and evils across […]

Puritan Poets

The Puritans certainly had their flaws; but they did have a splendid picture of God’s glory and the subsequent joy of looking to him. Leave it to them to make beautiful, theologically-rich poetry. This is my heaven on earth, But I need the force, energy, impulses of thy Spirit to carry me on the way […]

A British Wit

In my humble opinion, no one is as witty as our neighbors across the sea; the British know dry humor, and dear Chesterton knew it best of all. Not only did he defend truth and an ethical code, he did it with a humor that none of his adversaries could ignore, allowing him to befriend […]