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Abortion: Fallacies and The Refugees

In my first post in this series on abortion I took a stab at the heart of the abortion debate: Personhood . Personhood remains the singular issue on which the abortion debate hinges, as Justice Harry Blackmun said in the Roe v. Wade decision: If this suggestion of personhood is established, the appellant’s case, of course collapses, for […]

Reflections on the Election

The election is over, finally. I’m not rejoicing. There would have been no outcome this election that I would be celebrating. As it stands I am grieved that a man with such disregard for human value was the best we came up with, but I’m not surprised. If we can agree on one thing in reflection on this […]

Some Thoughts on Syria

I’ve hesitated to write on the Syrian refugee crisis. I don’t know very much about the politics of refugees nor the strategies of involving ourselves in another Sunni/Shiite and dictatorial conflict, and it all seems so overwhelmingly impossible that I find the temptation to bury my head beneath a mountain of sand to be rather […]