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Please, Read a Book

The man who reads nothing at all is better educated than the man who reads nothing but newspapers. -Thomas Jefferson Despite the fact that Thomas Jefferson had some serious flaws in his thinking, he has a point here. It seems the discipline of reading challenging books is seriously waning in this century. When debates ensue […]

Mothers, We aren’t Good Enough

Some days I miss college. I miss affirmation and the proud look a professor gives when you provide an answer of which they approve. I miss a letter or number grade that tells me I’m succeeding and accomplishing something. And I miss the simplicity of my decisions only affecting my future in academics. Motherhood comes […]

Sister, Walk Away from the Mirror

I keep reading and seeing all these adds and blog posts and makeup-less selfies where women display themselves; all shapes and sizes, praising themselves or others for their bravery. And if I’m totally candid, I find it frustrating. I am all for breaking down the stereotypes of the waif-like and airbrushed beings who cover magazines […]