6: Buy Buy Buy

Christmas isn’t about presents. We tell that to children, and yet our actions are so contrary it’s deafening. “Peace on earth”, “good will towards men”, “love your neighbor”; all these pithy sayings float in the air as Christmas approaches, but I’m not convinced we really know what they mean. How can we, when people are trampled to death on Black Friday for a pair of shoes, sales clerks are yelled at by frustrated buyers, and our budgets reflect nothing but consumerism? There is no argument against the fact that materialism is a problem in America, and tragically it is most obvious during the Christmas season. In response to the ugliness of materialism there is a movement called the Advent Conspiracy. For the most part I’m pretty “anti-movement”, most movements are faddy and produce more pride then good, but the Advent Conspiracy makes a truthful point; it’s simple, to keep Christ at the center of this time that’s supposed to be about him anyway, to step back and look at our spending during Christmas and to simplify how we celebrate in a way that is lasting, not consumer-driven. To manage our money wisely spending it to celebrate, not to consume; to love, not to own; and to glorify our God, not ourselves. Because, well, Christmas really isn’t about the presents.
If you’re interested in reading about it, check out their website.


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