11: Christmas is for Easter

Most people recognize Christmas as the birth of Christ (though some are unaware and others deny it), and for the most part we have images flash through our mind when we think about the first Noel; shepherds and angels, and we undoubtedly think of a precious baby in those wonderful manger scenes, but that’s an incomplete picture. That is not Christ in his entirety. When we think of Christ at Christmas (and every day, really) we should think of manger, cross, and empty tomb. Because, in truth, that baby in a manger was born to die, he came in all humility and obedience to be buried under the sin of us all, and to rise again, abolishing death and all it’s unnatural cruelty. That is why we celebrate, because that child, born in the humblest of circumstance is a king, the Creator of the universe, who died for the sins of all. That baby is our freedom from death, and the only bridge to holiness, to God. Christmas is in fact for Easter; for that celebration of the risen King.


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