Sexual Philosophy


If you are reading my blog for the first time, or new to this series, I would ask that you read my introductory post here to get a better understanding of my reasons for the series.
I’m seeing a big trend, especially in my own generation, that while on the surface seems to be a movement of “love” is in reality at the very heart arrogant, corrupt and dangerous. In calling out past grievances (truly horrible things such as legalism, greed, authoritarianism and hate) it has become reactionary, standing only as a reaction instead of on the pillar of truth that is Christ. While this mentality may claim Christ, it really isn’t Christ at all, because it has reacted to everything, including truth. It claims to be a position of love, and Christ’s true message and compromises in key areas in the name of acceptance. This is simply wrong, and while it may use the word “love” it is at it’s heart hateful, because it draws people from the truth; distorting God’s nature and denying the reality of our need for God, and it compromises on one of the most important issues concerning our relationship with him. In truth, it is not just this movement (though it is a very big proponent), but much of the Church is following suit in compromising truth.
We compromise most in human sexuality and this has widespread repercussions, perpetuating a philosophy that corrupts much more then we are aware.
Recently I saw a few Facebook photos sporting red X’s as part of a movement to end human sex trafficking via spreading awareness. While I wholeheartedly agree that sexual slavery must end now, I am unconvinced that a movement of awareness is the solution. Because a lack of awareness isn’t the problem, we are; and anything that doesn’t reach the heart of this corruption is only a superficial band-aid that will achieve little. Sexual slavery shares the same philosophy as any other sexual perversion and we are perpetuating it. When we indulge, condone or ignore pornography; read 50 Shades of Gray or Cosmo (or any other written pornography); masturbate; engage in any sexual relationship (or entertain fantasies of such) outside of monogamous, heterosexual marriage we are agreeing with sexual slavery; we agree that God’s standard for sexuality is obsolete and pleasure is our god. Others become our sacrifice to the god of pleasure; used, objectified (whether consensually or not) without any regard for our own soul or the souls of others. We gladly lead others into corruption, enticing one another with our bodies or lusting after them, and rejoice as we lead ourselves and others away from God. Reacting angrily to any negative consequences that result from our choices. As long as we accept this corrupt idea, we have no right to claim the Cross. If we claim the god of pleasure we have denied the one true God, the Creator, who created us for a purpose, who laid out a standard and who rescued us. As we bow to the god of pleasure we find only misery, and further corruption, because there really is no satisfaction there, only momentary pleasure that requires continual feeding, until there is nothing left of our souls and we have destroyed everyone around us.
This must stop. If you call yourself a Christian, you claim Christ: his purity, his innocence, his body. We must stop defiling him with corruption. Sexuality involves much more than ourselves, and it is about much more than just sex. God established human sexuality when he created humans; and just as he created humanity unique, sexuality is unique, it is designed, and within that design it is very good. God uses sexuality throughout Scripture to give powerful imagery to his relationship with humanity and corruption of his standard clearly affects much more than just the individual, because sexuality is part of the greater whole of humanity and it reflects our standing with God. If we claim to have right standing with God through Christ, then we cannot continue engaging in or condoning the very picture of separation from God.
We must stop lying to people, rejoicing as they lie shackled in the misery of a life built on the pursuit of pleasure. And just as we desire to set free those who have been enslaved in sex-trafficking, we must set free those who are ensnared in corruption blinded by the fog of a culture condoning it. We must show them God: the Creator of humanity, who set a standard that we have failed to meet, who sent his Son to live as we cannot, who died the death we deserve, and who rose in triumph over death and corruption for all of us who submit to him as God. He meets us in the midst of this corruption, offering us freedom from the condemnation we deserve for our corruptness, just as Jesus says to the woman who had committed adultery:

And Jesus said, “I do not condemn you, either. Go. From now on sin no more.”John 8:11b

In our freedom from condemnation we must respond by leaving behind those condemning things, and we must tell the truth when addressing the world around us. We cannot compromise.

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