The Controversy of Design

My deadline to begin this series has arrived. I originally began hoping to address feminism and abortion, and as I have delved into these topics I have found that they fit into a much larger philosophy that I hope to address as well. My goal is to post bi-weekly addressing the following topics:

(Abortion, Contraception, and Personhood will be addressed within these topics)

My aim is not to simply write about controversial topics, but to bring the conversation to the reality of the Gospel; to explore these crucial elements (and distortions) of humanity in light of our existence as image-bearers of God. These topics in themselves are important in their relation to original design and I hope to keep that central to each post.

This will not be a series of biblical exposition–though Scripture will be included–nor will this appear as a research paper; I will however provide references and resources to what I have read or consulted on each topic at the end of each post. This series is aimed to breed Christ-centered discussion on crucial elements of our worldview, and to breathe life back into conversations long ignored or feared.

In the coming weeks as I bring up controversy upon controversy, I pray that I will make the Gospel central and clear. The issues within these topics are at their heart based on how the Gospel is either magnified or distorted, and that is a dialogue worth having.


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  1. Praying that both you and the readers are challenged in new ways through this series – and that we would all take the time to truly think about each topic and how it pertains to our lives as we live out the gospel. Excited to read more!!!


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