I’m Back (and just a little sleep-deprived)

I’m back. After nearly a year of being silent on this blog of mine, I’m returning.
Pregnancy with a toddler was exhausting, so writing, or anything besides sleeping, was not high on my list of to dos. And then, of course, I had a baby so writing really wasn’t a priority. But sleep is slowly returning , so I have energy for a toddler and infant, and maybe even a little writing in between.

As I’m returning after stopping mid-series, I’m of course re-thinking the course of my posts, hoping to improve and hopefully breathe some new life into tired posts. There are many voices speaking all over the Internet, and I don’t want to add to the noise. Because all the noise and words seems to have left many in a fog of apathy, where instead of contemplating and struggling with thoughts of ethics, and faith, and life in general, many of us tire of the debates and simply ignore it altogether; content to surf social media–maybe posting something controversial here and there–instead of really engaging and wrestling with things. So as I return here, I hope despite my tired eyes, and scarce time I can find words that make us want to think. Each post I write I am challenged to really wrestle with what I believe is important, what has meaning, and ultimately what is true; I hope my words do the same for you.IMG_0254.JPG


  1. Glad you are able to post again 🙂
    I pray that God will guide your heart with each post, and that you will remember that, while you may be afraid of *adding to the noise*, it is only by hearing the noise that one can appreciate the music. So be bold, add to the noise, and let God make you melodious to those with ears to hear it!

    (Pardon the cheesiness ;p but I meant every word)


    1. Thank you. Cheesy or not your words are encouraging!
      And how am I just now seeing you have a blog?!


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