The Myth of Progressivism

Progressivism is marked by it’s central point of being “forward moving”, and it is birthed from the premise that the future holds better things, that as time progresses humanity improves.

I have a problem with this premise.

It simply isn’t true.

You cannot tell me that humanity has really improved.

Because with each advancement that has benefited us, we have also advanced how we hurt one another. We exchanged swords for nuclear weapons that are capable of annihilating entire nations. Instead of drowning “unwanted” babies, we inject poison into their hearts, or dismember them within what should be the security of the womb. Our increasingly industrial world with all its advancements and supplies has led to destruction to a planet that we were called to steward. Our ability to rapidly produce has allowed for greater materialism. Our medical advances have saved lives, but they have also created more ethical dilemmas, more opportunities for the strong to determine the fates of the weak. Our technological advances have increased our connection as a world, but it has also leaves people lonely and unknown in rooms crowded with faces lit by Smartphone screens.

Progressivism claims that if we continue to evolve, to learn, and to create we can perfect ourselves, we can improve humanity and we can have peace and inclusion and justice. Their solution to the Problem of Evil is: time. We’ll succeed in the future.

But we are the future and we have simply exchanged one injustice for another, over and over. We have learned certainly, but we have mostly learned how to more efficiently cause harm.

Our advancement as people has only exacerbated the Problem of Evil. And I don’t think looking to the future of humanity is the answer to that problem.

I think the answer lies in looking back to a blood-stained cross, where JesusĀ entered our injustice and took it upon himself to justify our wrongs; I think the answer lies in looking up, where Jesus sits at the right hand of God readying his return when all things will be set right, once and for all. Only then can there be peace and justice.

And until that day, we can only point to him. To this God who died a humiliating death. To this God who rose again, conquering death and evil. To this God who alone is just, who defines love and peace. Our only hope to acting justly, mercifully, and with love until he returns, is by following him, subscribing to his word, and relying on his leading.

The Problem of Evil is really just The Problem of Humanity, and the only solution is Jesus.

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