Progressives, Have Your Newton Moment Now

Following the Charleston shootings many conservative Christians repented of their lack of action in addressing the issues of white supremacy in America, and they got behind the take-down of the confederate flag on government buildings. They admitted that they had allowed racism to become a party issue instead of recognizing it as a human issue. They repented of their sins of racism or silence in the face of it, and they took action, many entered into the conversation necessary for racial reconciliation within the church and our nation at large.

Certainly taking down a mere symbol of racism has not addressed the heart of the issue. The take-down of the confederate flag is not what will convince society that value is inherent regardless of race. But the unity of Christians thinking scripturally instead of politically and recognizing the various party blind-spots in regard to racial issues is a step toward addressing the heart. Because if we recognize and expose the sin of racism, then we can offer the remedy of the gospel, the only solution to sin’s destructive force.

Now, seven videos have been released that expose another corruption within the heart of our nation. Where Planned Parenthood’s complete disregard for the smallest and most vulnerable human lives is revealed in a way that abortion has become a national topic and finally at the forefront of many American’s minds, and hopefully grieving our hearts to the point of fervent and ceaseless action.

The news these videos have brought to American attention is nothing new. The violent practice of abortion on demand has been legal since 1973. Contrary to popular belief, prior to 1973 abortion was legal in the event of the mother’s life being in danger, Roe Vs. Wade and its sister case Doe Vs. Bolton were issues of the right to abort for any medical reasons (which translates into any reason up to the mother’s discretion) and at any point in gestation, thus we have abortion on demand and without apology. Abortion is legal, and Planned Parenthood may largely be operating within legal boundaries in most cases (though as the videos have revealed they have even crossed our barely moral federal restrictions regarding altering abortion procedures for profit, and partial-birth abortion). But as we have learned from our history with slavery, Jim Crow laws, and civil rights, the law often sides with the immoral and unethical practices of the powerful. These videos ought to disgust us, enrage us, and they ought to incite repentance in the hearts of Progressive Christians who have side-lined abortion because it is a “party issue” with little consequences politically, or worse, have supported it.

Abortion is a human issue that every single Christian ought to be fighting passionately against. Now, more than ever, as the reality of its wickedness is at the forefront of our collective conscience.

Let us not make the mistakes of the Christians who allowed slavery and civil rights to become a political issue. We cannot defend sin as a right. It is no one’s right to own a slave, and it is no one’s right to take the life of a baby within or without the womb, and Christians, from every end of the political spectrum, ought to be the first to expose and condemn this.

Progressives, this is your time to repent of your lack of action and misplaced support. This is a time for humility on the part of those who have sided with pro-choice politics because that’s what a good liberal does.

Christians, if the current events have taught us anything, it is that we hold allegiance to no party, we hold allegiance to God, and that requires us to take a step back from whatever party we vote with and speak out against any and all blind-spots that exist, and sometimes, it requires that we change our vote for the sake of those who are greatly oppressed among us. Until a progressive politician takes a legitimate stance as Pro-life, we cannot support them.

Progressive Christians must stop weighing down the fight against the wicked practice of abortion with false rhetoric and nuanced phrasing.

If you spoke out against the racial issues that were brought to light by recent news, you must now also speak out against the corruption of abortion, or you are simply a hypocrite with greater allegiance to your political party than to your God.

Abortion is not an issue of the “right”, and racism is not an issue of the “left”.

These are human issues. And if Christians are going to do anything about them they have to stop being fooled by political rhetoric that tells them otherwise.

Be wise, Christians.

John Newton, the author of the hymn Amazing Grace, was a slave trader, and when he finally recognized the treachery he was entrenched in, he saw his need for a savior, repented, and sought to end it.

Abortion doctors, nurses, Planned Parenthood staff, they are all entrenched within a corporation of corruption, and they don’t see it for what it is. We must not excuse sin, we must identify the wretchedness, so that they too can come to know the saving power of grace. 

For the sake of those who’s souls are being corrupted, identify abortion for what it is: murder.

While we sit and discourse over the political complications surrounding abortion, roughly 125,000 children are being slaughtered every day through abortion worldwide. Some of these children, in our own nation, are being cut open with scissors while their hearts beat so that their brains can be cleanly collected and sold. None of these children will be held by their mothers. All of these children have an inherent value, a soul, and a heart that beat, and their lives were cut short by the despotism of our nation.

For the sake of the oppressed, think for yourself.


  1. I was confused by the title of the post, because “Newton Moment” (sometimes called Newton metre) is a scientific term used in engineering.


    1. Haha, I was wondering if there would be some confusion over using Newton. Ah well


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