Me Too

Me Too

It was dark, and warm.
I felt safe though I was vulnerable–
But someone took hold of my leg, and with
urgency and violence
pulled with no care for my anguish.
I tried to retreat, but there was no place to go.
I was trapped in a silent chamber that echoed back
my unheard screams.
Ripped apart, brought out into the cold against my will,
and they didn’t even have the decency
to look me in the eyes.
–“clump of cells,” they called me.
They said, “fetus” like a dirty word.
I was thrown in a trash bag–disposed.

Me too.

Crimes were committed against me and
Few care or believe me.
My broken body cries for justice.

Me too.

The Me Too Movement has been a good thing (despite it’s politicized hijacking). It’s tragic that it exists at all, but it has rightfully exposed the wicked acts of men who have used their positions of power, influence, and strength to hurt and destroy. It’s saddening to admit that we live in a world where stories from Me Too are not incidental but epidemic. It seems power does indeed corrupt. Sin is an opportunist, and greater strength is often followed by greater harm. But is it a surprise to us, really? In a culture that tells us from the beginning of life a human is an expendable object whose existence is determined by the strong, that the unwanted are disposable and usable, and personhood exists by our definitions under controlled conditions: our terms, our desires, it seems only logical that this mentality would extend into adolescence and then adulthood.

Men have used their power, strength, and influence to hurt women without consequence, to exert their personal will over those who are weaker, voiceless, and often marginalized. Meanwhile women are using their positions of power, strength, and political legality to exert their wills over those who are weaker, voiceless, and marginalized.

The acts exposed by the Me Too movement and abortion are very close neighbors. They both exist because human wickedness claims self-rights to the detriment of another. The only difference is that one uses sex as a weapon, the other uses the womb.

As we decry the men who are responsible for heinous acts against women and children we ought to, with equal vehemence, cry out against the abortion epidemic that is committing unspeakable violence against our children.

If you care about Me Too–and you should–then you ought to care about abortion too. We ought to expose men who abuse their power, absolutely. But who will speak “me too” for the babies whose screams are left unheard as they are ripped apart in the womb? Who will expose the doctors who are injecting tiny bodies with poison to stop their beating hearts? Who will hold politicians accountable to stop this injustice that creates mass unmarked graves of unnamed children who are being murdered in the name of “choice”? Who will speak against the wicked ethos that tells women that murder is their way to happiness?

Their blood cries out, me too, I am a victim of power abused. Who will listen?


  1. Reminds me of the Idle Cure song Who Cries For Me.
    Heartbreaking, and it needs to be addressed. There are LIVES at stake, for crying out loud. Thousands of children will never get to cry out loud, only silently inside what should be the safest place for them. It’s horrible

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Agreed. Keep being bothered by it. Keep praying. Keep speaking ♥️

      Liked by 1 person

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