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Corban University, Suffering and Hope

I was invited by a Corban University student to speak to a group of 140 young women. It was an honor, and in the midst of a world that groans with evil and suffering, it was a thing of beauty to stand before a roomful of women with passion, hope, and an eagerness to serve […]

The SCOTUS Ruling Ought to Incite Christians to Love Fiercely

The SCOTUS decision to legalize gay marriage has left a wake that has churned up a host of emotions, ranging from ecstasy to  fear. But the emotion I am most burdened by is one I have been wary of, in general, for some time: Apathy. Too many of us approach the world as though it is a […]

Marriage: Sacred and Public

I don’t often write on marriage specifically. Perhaps it feels too personal or too intimate to relate what I know about marriage, because so much of it is from my own personal relationship with my husband. It seems there is all together too much that we share that should remain intimate, what should exist only […]

A Twice-Widowed Champion of Womanhood

I’m finishing my third read-through of Elisabeth Elliot’s book Let Me Be a Woman. It’s listed on my Books I Love page for good reason, I really do love it. Elisabeth Elliot’s writing has been some of the more influential in my life; it was A Chance to Die: The Life and Legacy of Amy Carmichael that largely shaped […]

Why I Won’t Settle For Feminism: A Follow-Up

A very dear friend responded to my recent blog post, Why I Won’t Settle For Feminism, with some pretty great questions that sparked a conversation between us. I think her questions did well to point out areas that I overlooked addressing in my previous post, and I’d like to address them here. If you haven’t […]