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A Twice-Widowed Champion of Womanhood

I’m finishing my third read-through of Elisabeth Elliot’s book Let Me Be a Woman. It’s listed on my Books I Love page for good reason, I really do love it. Elisabeth Elliot’s writing has been some of the more influential in my life; it was A Chance to Die: The Life and Legacy of Amy Carmichael that largely shaped […]

Why I Won’t Settle For Feminism: A Follow-Up

A very dear friend responded to my recent blog post, Why I Won’t Settle For Feminism, with some pretty great questions that sparked a conversation between us. I think her questions did well to point out areas that I overlooked addressing in my previous post, and I’d like to address them here. If you haven’t […]

Why I Won’t Settle for Feminism

I grew up in a home that celebrated the diversity between men and women. My parents scoffed in the face of gender stereotypes but championed the true differences that exist between male and female. I have two brothers, and as the only girl I experienced life able to embrace true femininity; I saw how my […]

One Shade of Red

Valentine’s Day is this weekend, and while I actually kind of hate the Hallmark holiday of “love” (because Saint Valentine was a martyr and that seems like a weird thing to relate to flowers and chocolates), I felt the need to write a bit on the subject, mostly because the movie “Fifty Shades of Grey” is […]

The Controversy of Design

My deadline to begin this series has arrived. I originally began hoping to address feminism and abortion, and as I have delved into these topics I have found that they fit into a much larger philosophy that I hope to address as well. My goal is to post bi-weekly addressing the following topics: Sexuality Marriage […]