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Why I Won’t Settle For Feminism: A Follow-Up

A very dear friend responded to my recent blog post, Why I Won’t Settle For Feminism, with some pretty great questions that sparked a conversation between us. I think her questions did well to point out areas that I overlooked addressing in my previous post, and I’d like to address them here. If you haven’t […]

Why I Won’t Settle for Feminism

I grew up in a home that celebrated the diversity between men and women. My parents scoffed in the face of gender stereotypes but championed the true differences that exist between male and female. I have two brothers, and as the only girl I experienced life able to embrace true femininity; I saw how my […]

One Shade of Red

Valentine’s Day is this weekend, and while I actually┬ákind of hate the Hallmark holiday of “love” (because Saint Valentine was a martyr and that seems like a weird thing to relate to flowers and chocolates), I felt the need to write a bit on the subject, mostly because the movie “Fifty Shades of Grey” is […]

The Ethics of Children

***After further research I have revised details regarding methods of contraception since first writing this post, however, my personal practice and the overall point of this post has remained the same. It is from God that parents receive their children, and it is to God that they should lead them. Dietrich Bonhoeffer, Letters and Papers […]

The Controversy of Design

My deadline to begin this series has arrived. I originally began hoping to address feminism and abortion, and as I have delved into these topics I have found that they fit into a much larger philosophy that I hope to address as well. My goal is to post bi-weekly addressing the following topics: Sexuality Marriage […]