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Silencing Our Conscience

Yesterday¬†David Daleiden and Sandra Merritt were indicted by a grand jury.¬†They are the investigative journalists of The Center for Medical Progress behind the sting operation who procured secret video footage of Planned Parenthood’s executives admitting to fetal part sales from abortions and many other ethically egregious (though legally ambiguous) admissions. Meanwhile, an entire industry based […]

Can I Plead With You?

A fifth video dropped today, revealing more of the corruption in Planned Parenthood that goes on funded by our government and supported by many of our citizens. And if you still feel the need to defend this, for whatever reason, can I plead with you to see that your own soul withers with the weight […]

Yes, Abortion is Like the Holocaust

This post has been updated January 2020 only to make references to current events at the time of writing more clear. Their [the Nazi Doctor’s] crimes were the inevitable result of the sinister doctrines which they espoused, and these same doctrines sealed the fate of Germany, shattered Europe, and the world in ferment. Where those […]

Villainy is Not a “Right”

The recent Planned Parenthood videos that have surfaced have brought the abortion debate to the nation’s attention once again. The corruption within Planned Parenthood seems almost a farce, to see Dr. Mary Gatter, a Planned Parenthood medical director, haggle over the prices of aborted babies’ body parts while joking about wanting a Lamborghini seems too […]