Can I Plead With You?

A fifth video dropped today, revealing more of the corruption in Planned Parenthood that goes on funded by our government and supported by many of our citizens. And if you still feel the need to defend this, for whatever reason, can I plead with you to see that your own soul withers with the weight of this corruption? Can I beg you to see that your silence is damning, too? That your inaction is compliance?

They are flowing
A dam has broken

But still
They fall
Slipping through your fingers

And you,
you would rather
harness comforts

Leave the fight
to someone
better fit

Talking all about
practical solutions
but avoiding still

Ignoring that
The Final Solution
Is here again

You defend
horror in the
name of practicality

You justify,
dance around
call them less

But I,
I need you to

Your own
lies diseased

As you
tear your sons
and daughters

As you
defend tyranny
and oppression

This Nietzche
he promised progress,
The Superman

the lie:
the weak ought
be exploited

But Jesus
he promised Life

And the truth:
the weak ought
be protected

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