Your Vote is Not Enough

The political aspect of the abortion debate is certainly an important one, and if you have not yet contacted your politicians regarding investigating and stopping federal funding of Planned Parenthood, do that now. And if you are not yet convinced that being Pro-life is an issue that should be important to both parties, watch the videos, because our votes ought to always be in favor of stopping oppression and death.

In addition to the political sphere is a very important and necessary component to this issue, and that is our own lives and how we personally contribute to this conversation; we can either be among those who are life giving, or one more corrupt person in a system of corruption.

To really be pro-life and fighting for the lives of these children it will take more than just our vote, it will take our lives. It will take a sacrifice of our time to enter into the lives of women as support, and to support and hold men accountable to their responsibilities as fathers, it will take our funds to support the centers that offer life and resources to women, and it may even take a permanent change in our family if we choose to add one of these “unwanted” babies and make them a wanted part of our lives.

But few of us are willing to sacrifice even one moment of our time or one part of our perceived needs for the sake of another.

Is it any wonder then, that Germans were silent as evil spread through their country like poison in blood?

Is it any wonder that white men and women chose economy over the lives and freedom of their black brothers and sisters?

Is it any wonder that we allow the wholesale slaughter of our children that we might have sexual freedom, or go on living the life that we find comfortable?

Because the corruption that weaves deep within a nation begins in our own hearts. Our hearts that repeat a resounding chorus of “me”. They are the source, and until we address the corruption within, we will be the ones who raise our hands to hail the false god, we will raise our hands with a whip against the backs of our brothers, we will raise our hands with forceps to crush.

And perhaps what is most enlightening in light of the recent Planned Parenthood videos is what great lengths we will go to that we might exuse our wickedness. How many excuses of practicality, personhood, or political party can we conjure that we might go on with our apathy, our comfort, our sexual “freedom”, or our “choices”?

Our hearts are corrupt to such a depth of wickedness that human history is littered with our horrors.

But Jesus, he stepped into our horror, became one of us, took the inescapable wrath we so clearly deserve, and demanded “Follow me”.

We have been bought by the death of our God and we cannot go on excusing and allowing this science of death.

We follow a perfect God who leaves no room for excuses of practicality, or legal loopholes, or the attempted redefinition of someone’s worth to fit our desires. We follow a perfect God who says, “whatever you do for the least of these you do for me”. These tiny humans are excused as worthless, expendable, because they are considered the “least of us”, how much more than, Christians, ought we fight for their rescue.

And this rescue begins in our hearts, we must be captivated by the knowledge of what Jesus has done for us, and in the faith and assurance we have that we are secured in him and at peace with our God, in that faith we must love powerfully, forgoing our own desires, comforts, and agendas, for the sake of Christ and the people he came to rescue from the corruption of sin.

This means we reject apathy, and we fight relentlessly for what is true, and for the marginalized and oppressed.

This means we reject lies like the lie of sexual freedom that claims no responsibility over the persons that exist as an outcome of our decisions.

This means we reject practical solutions that excuse corruption and murder because it’s easier.

This means we reject the ethos of the world that says, “me”, and instead we reiterate the gospel of Jesus that says, “him”. That way we might raise our hands to worship the only God, that we can extend our hands to serve those mothers who are ready to end the life that grows within them, and we hold out our hands to those children, changing their status from unwanted to wanted.

When we are freed from the corruption of our heart by the blood of Jesus, we are freed to radically enter into the horrors of humanity and bring healing in his name.

And Christians, if we claim him, if we claim his name and his blood, then we must go where he commands that we go, and we must love how he demands we love. And his love demands more than a vote.

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