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The Folly of Scientific Dogma

The issue of abortion has been gridlocked in debate for many years, and often our attempts to move forward end in frustration. I think that may be because we’re asking the wrong question most of the time, and seeking to answer multi-disciplinary questions through only one avenue of thought, namely science. The problem is the […]

Silencing Our Conscience

Yesterday David Daleiden and Sandra Merritt were indicted by a grand jury. They are the investigative journalists of The Center for Medical Progress behind the sting operation who procured secret video footage of Planned Parenthood’s executives admitting to fetal part sales from abortions and many other ethically egregious (though legally ambiguous) admissions. Meanwhile, an entire industry based […]

Hands and Feet and Life and Death

If you’ve been anywhere near the internet recently you have heard all about the videos circulating that condemn Planned Parenthood and their (now admitted) practice of altering abortion procedures to procure fetal tissue and “donating” (a debatable position) it for biomedical research. You may not have watched the videos for yourself (which I urge you to […]

The Hope of the Morning

There is a quietness in the morning, before sleepy voices greet me, where I have the opportunity in the stillness to dwell on hope. As little feet scurry down I breathe a moment and pray for these little boys in my care, I pray for the men they will, by God’s grace, become; and I […]

No Life is Too Small

Wake up you sleepy nation Skulls are being crushed Your children’s screams catch in their throats Restrain yourself wicked nation Your great-grandchildren will be appalled by you If you will allow them breath They will look at you with those eyes Those eyes you claim have no soul They will haunt you And those who narrowly […]