No Life is Too Small

Wake up you sleepy nation
Skulls are being crushed
Your children’s screams catch in their throats

Restrain yourself wicked nation
Your great-grandchildren will be appalled by you
If you will allow them breath

They will look at you with those eyes
Those eyes you claim have no soul
They will haunt you

And those who narrowly escape the
crushing forceps
They will ask you, “when have I finally escaped your ‘potential?'”

Is it when I live?
Is it when my heart flutters?
Is it when I move my limbs to show you,
I am here, look at me!
Is it when I take a breath?

And those women who walked in hoping
They will weep as the blood pours forth
And they see that they have slaughtered
That the gift the abortionist promised them is only death
And they will repeat Eliot’s line
————-The Chemist said it would be all right, but I have never been the same
They will spiral, deadened, corrupted and trapped by the very thing that
promised freedom

And those compassion killers
They don’t see the chains they wrap
choking women
silencing children
while patting their own backs
And smiling at the children they let live

And I have heard those mysterious words
————the women will be saved through childbearing
And I wonder why we are so quick
to kill the very thing
that may help lead to real Life

And I know this Jesus
The one who does not look at circumstance but at hearts
The one who looks at tiny fluttering hearts, and smiles
“I made you,” he says
The one who looks at desperate mother hearts
“I am with you,” he says
The one who looks at hardened killer hearts
“I can free you,” he says
The one who offers real freedom
The one who says, no circumstance is too hard
no sin is too horrible
no pregnancy is too much
and no life is too small

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