Speak, There are Those Being Led to Slaughter

Atrocious deeds should never be called by gentle names. -Hannah More

Hannah More was an abolitionist, one of few voices who revealed the horrific reality of the slave trade. Her writing, along with the work of her friend William Wilberforce, helped changed social resolve finally ending the practice of slavery in England.

Euphemisms are one of the greatest tools of evil. To soften, to desensitize, to “nuance” wickedness, quickly makes it permissible, or gray. They make it easy for us to step back from challenging evil acts, they make our apathy justifiable.

Let us not allow evil to brazenly practice before us.

An estimated 57-million children have been legally murdered since 1973. 57-million. Can you get your mind around that number? The smallest of us, the weakest and most defenseless, have been given up willingly to genocide.

This is the horrific reality.

And we talk about this reality as though it is one more political debate, one more issue that’s ambiguous and so “nuanced” that we can’t say it’s wrong, and we cannot legally stop it.

A video leaked today exposing further corruption within Planned Parenthood, the leading provider for abortions in America. Planned Parenthood’s Senior Director of Medical Services is on video describing the steps taken to insure intact body parts from abortion procedures can be delivered to the highest bidder.

Many will find this abhorrent, most of us should be convicted of our apathy because of it, but those who already sanction the murder of the fetus may only find it the logical conclusion of their arguments. If a baby is already unwanted, destined for the trash, why not make profit? Why waste a functioning liver that belonged to a child no one wanted? Why not simply butcher the unwanted baby and give that liver over to “life-giving” research? And why not trade it?

Abortion dichotomizes life, obliterating the powerful relationship between mother and child by pitting mother against child. Promising happiness to the mother who willingly spills her baby’s blood. It’s a murderous lie, one that destroys a mother, and murders a child.

And Planned Parenthood profits from this lie. 

Planned Parenthood was founded in corruption, birthed from the racist mind of Margaret Sanger, a woman who felt she had the right to determine which races were superior and more valuable and who’s should be slowly allowed to die off. Her atrocious desires to create a clean, superior race, didn’t even include abortion yet. And as Planned Parenthood has been allowed to continue to thrive and receives constant support by individuals as well as government funding it’s corruption has only increased over time.

The murder of children is legal. And the trading of their flesh is legal.

Legality does not equate morality. 

We who have voices cannot allow these atrocious deeds to continue unchallenged.

Women are being deceived into murdering their children, children are being butchered within their mother’s wombs. And all of this is putting money into people’s pockets.

Please, whatever part of the political spectrum you consider yourself, remove yourself from the politicized hype and think about this. It is not pro-choice, it is the sanctioning of the death of the weakest of us.

Planned Parenthood’s slogan was once, “every child a wanted child”, as though a baby’s value and right to life is determined by how wanted she is. Those babies with those tiny fluttering hearts that are visible at 9 weeks, they are valuable, they are image-bearers to the most high God, and they are wanted by him who knitted them in their mother’s womb. 

Please, stop allowing those precious children to be viciously ripped from their mother’s wombs with surgical tools and sterilized language that make it sound as if those living, soul-filled babies are disposable.

Speak, truthfully and firmly on this grievous injustice that has taken the lives of so many babies and has emotionally crippled so many mothers.

Write your politicians, vote accordingly, and stop allowing the powerful to determine who’s lives are “wanted”.

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